D.O Gad Zarka

D.O Gad Zarka

Gad Zarka, Osteopath D.O, graduated from the Academic Institute of Osteopathy in Wingate. Member of the professional order of osteopathy in Israel.

He studided 5 years which allows him to take care of any type of patient in need of manual medicine in the possible best way.

This training includes :

  • 1000 hours of internship in the various osteopathic clinics of the Wingate Institute.
  • A degree in Soft Tissue Manipulation (STM).
  • A state diploma certifying a legal practice of osteopathy in Israel.

For Gad :
Each patient is a world in itself. So that this interior universe which animates you works in a harmonious way, osteopathic medicine, treating body and soul in a holistic way, will accompany you in the prevention or healing of your being. His role will be to personalize a quality care corresponding to you, while remaining attentive to your requests, thus creating a therapeutic alliance which will lead you towards your existential symbiosis.


20, Haim Vital
6608822 Tel Aviv


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