Laser treatments

Dental Harmonia Tel aviv offers laser treatments



The laser is used as a treatment at Dental Harmonia. Without any pain, the laser is extremely precise and protects the surrounding healthy tissue. It allows you to redraw the shape and contour of the gums for better aesthetics. Healing is faster.

Whitening with Laser
Whitening with laser is not painful, unlike other whitening techniques which can cause dental sensitives during and after surgery. However, all patients are not equal when it comes to the resultats of whitening teeth and its consequences, it all depends mainly on the nature of the enamel and dentin, their opacity and/or translucency. It also depends on the tooth sensitivity during or after surgery, the loosening, the level of the gums and the bone. 

In all cases (much less with laser), providing post whitening aligner including soothing paste in case of dental sensitivity.