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Dental aesthetics at Dental Harmonia goes beyond just smiling; we combine art and science to create harmonious results, while preserving the functionality and health of your mouth

Our cares


Thanks to aesthetic injections, we offer a complete approach to enhance your smile and rejuvenate your facial features, all in a safe and professional environment.

How do we proceed?

During your aesthetic and injection consultation at Dental Harmonia, we first assess your aesthetic needs and desires. For cosmetic dental treatments, whether veneers, whitening or crowns, we use advanced techniques for natural-looking results. For injections, after determining the target areas, we use high quality fillers to reduce wrinkles, redefine the contours or increase the volume of the lips. Each step is carried out with precision to guarantee your satisfaction and safety.


You have a question ? We answer it

Yes, at Dental Harmonia we only use approved, high-quality fillers, and injections are performed by trained professionals to ensure your safety.

The duration of the effects varies depending on the type of product used and the area treated, but generally, results can last from a few months to over a year.

Some treatments, like veneers, can last for many years with proper care, while others, like whitening, may require periodic touch-ups to maintain results.

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