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Laughing gas (anxiety)

At Dental Harmonia, we understand that dentistry can cause anxiety. That's why we offer laughing gas, a gentle solution for a relaxed and stress-free dental experience

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Laughing gas (anxiety)

Transform your dental appointments into moments of serenity with laughing gas, a proven method to reduce anxiety and ensure your comfort.

How do we proceed?

During your visit to Dental Harmonia, if you feel anxious or nervous, we offer the option of laughing gas. A mixture of oxygen and laughing gas is administered via a nasal mask. You will feel a feeling of relaxation and well-being, while remaining conscious. Once treatment is complete, the effects of the gas wear off immediately, allowing you to return to your normal activities.


You have a question ? We answer it

Yes, laughing gas has been used in dentistry for decades and is known for its safety. It provides relaxation without the profound side effects of general anesthesia. Therefore, it is perfectly harmless.

No, laughing gas puts you in a relaxed state but you remain conscious and responsive throughout the treatment.

The effects of laughing gas dissipate quickly after the procedure. Most patients can return to normal activities immediately after treatment.

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