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Pano/scanner radio assessment on site

At Dental Harmonia, benefit from a panoramic radio and scanner assessment directly on site, guaranteeing speed, precision and comfort for a complete assessment of your oral health

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Pano/scanner radio assessment on site

Opt for simplicity and efficiency with our panoramic radio and scanner assessment carried out directly at Dental Harmonia, offering a clear and detailed vision of your oral and dental situation in a single appointment.

How do we proceed?

As soon as you arrive at Dental Harmonia, our team will warmly welcome you and guide you to our space dedicated to imaging. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we carry out your pano and scan radio assessment in just a few minutes, guaranteeing a clear and precise image of your mouth. These images allow us to accurately assess your oral situation, detect possible anomalies and plan the necessary treatments. Everything is designed for your comfort and safety, with quick and non-invasive procedures. After the exam, our team is available to discuss the results, answer your questions and advise you on next steps. At Dental Harmonia, we are committed to providing you with a smooth and professional experience. We develop the treatment plan together.


You have a question ? We answer it

The assessment is quick and generally takes between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the necessary examinations, allowing you to resume your activities without delay.

No, the procedure is completely non-invasive and designed to be as comfortable as possible. Our modern equipment and attentive team ensure your well-being throughout the examination.

Performing the assessment directly at Dental Harmonia guarantees optimal coordination between imaging and dental care, allowing for accurate assessment, rapid diagnosis and effective treatment planning.

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