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Occlusion: inter-maxillary relationships

Occlusion, or the way your top and bottom teeth align and interact, is essential not only for effective chewing, but also for the overall health of your mouth. At Dental Harmonia, we specialize in the evaluation and correction of inter-maxillary relationships to guarantee perfect harmony.

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Occlusion: inter-maxillary relationships

Balanced inter-jaw ratios are the key to good general body health. Dental Harmonia is committed to offering you optimal occlusion for lasting oral well-being by establishing balanced and comfortable inter-dental and inter-maxillary relationships.

How do we proceed?

During your consultation at Dental Harmonia regarding occlusion and jaw relationships, we use advanced diagnostic techniques to assess how your teeth align and function together. If imbalances are detected, we develop a personalized treatment plan to restore harmonious occlusion. This may include orthodontic adjustments, occlusal appliances (splints), or other specific procedures. Our goal is to ensure effective masticatory function, prevent premature tooth wear and reduce the risk of TMJ pain due to wear of the joint cartilage.


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Dental occlusion refers to how the upper and lower teeth align and interact when they close. A good occlusion is essential for effective chewing and to prevent other dental problems.

An unbalanced bite or Malocclusion can lead to premature wear of teeth, joint cartilage, jaw pain, headaches, muscle pain and other problems including permanent stress and ear tinnitus. It can also affect the appearance of your smile.

The correction depends on the nature and severity of the problem. This may include orthodontic treatments, occlusal appliances, tooth surface adjustments or other specific procedures.

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